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 How AIDEA works? 

How AIDEA fits into your creative process?

AIDEA is used during the ideation phase of a design project after initial brainstorming. AIDEA sets the user a task related to their design brief and offers them components to build an output. The components are offered in a sequence that provokes the user to view their brief from new perspectives, allowing them to come up with ideas they could not think of previously. Outputs from collaborations with AIDEA can then be developed through sketching, modeling, and prototyping.

The magic behind AIDEA!

AIDEA’s dictionary of components (fragmented images) is generated from topics such as “plant-life”, “Architecture” and “automobiles”. Each AI personality offers the user a different “sequence” of components, according to their personal characteristics. For example “Minimus” has the futuristic, minimalist and logical characteristics, delivering austere, metallic and futuristic parts, with some components from other worlds such as plantlife.

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